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Horizon Telephone Systems, Inc. was founded in 1986 in San Antonio, Texas. Since its inception Horizon has grown from a vision, to a Teleconnect Magazine Top 100 Interconnect with offices throughout South Central Texas. Horizon's commitment has always been to provide high quality telecommunication products and services for small to middle-sized companies as well as large corporations. Imbedded in this commitment is to provide these products and services at competitive pricing, without compromising the service and reliability our customers deserve. With this commitment in mind Horizon Telephone Systems, Inc. strives to offer a diversity of products and services that rank at the top of the industry. To keep in pace with the market, HTS has invested many resources in the continued education of its employees and researching new products and services in an effort to meet this commitment. We feel it is this commitment that has allowed Horizon and its over 6000 customers to continue to grow and prosper.

HTS Committed to Delivering Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

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